Using Lead Management on Purpose


“Using Lead Management on Purpose” will show you how to:
  • Inspire workers to truly perform their best.
  • Build high-caliber relationships that honor, support, and empower employees.
  • Implement the seven behaviors of productive communication.
  • Avoid the seven deadly behaviors that sabotage competitiveness and profitability.
  • Enhance your skills for today’s evolving leadership roles in organizational development.

With the secrets, tips, and tools in “Using Lead Management on Purpose”, you will excel in today’s increasingly competitive global marketplace by tapping the genius of inspired, fulfilled employees. Start creating the ideal work environment today, and look forward to enjoying the results of a creative, energetic, and committed team of employees.

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Want to improve your business?

Esteemed business consultant, corporate trainer, and psychologist Kenneth L. Pierce shows you how to break free of the traditional leadership style—the “boss-manager” who emphasizes power and ignores the needs and values of others—and to use the dynamic approach of lead management to achieve the ideal balance of support and challenge.

Would you like to create an environment of:

  • warmth,
  • cooperation,
  • and trust,
…all of which will help you to revitalize your employees to contribute the kind of energy, creativity, and committment that results in top-quality work? Filled with real-world examples and invaluable key-point summaries, this visionary guide, …


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