Uncovering Your teen’s self esteem

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For a limited time only,  I would like to offer you one of my books for FREE.  It is entitled, “Uncovering Your teen’s self esteem”
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Is this book for you?

Have  you  ever  thought  your  teenager  felt  there  is  something  wrong  with  them;  they  are dumb, inferior or  inadequate;      they  lack  self-confidence,  self-worth  or  self-esteem;  they  have  no  clear purpose  in life; they are missing something and can’t get control of their life?

And,  do  you  ever worry about your  teen’s  level  of self-esteem;  think you  teen’s  coping  skills need attention; experience anxiety about  your  teen’s  level  of   stress;  want  more  insight  and skills    to  assist  them; wish  you  could  do  more  to  nurture  them  in their life?


If so, then  this book is for you.


1 review for Uncovering Your teen’s self esteem

  1. Iris

    Taking the ovevriew, this post hits the spot

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