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Consultation sessions are one-on-one with certified psychologist. Sessions are 1 hour in length and meet one or two times per week.

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  • Assisting you and others to uncover your power, presence and purpose!

You’ll learn about the key laws of nature which enables you to  empower yourself, be more present with self and others, and immediately take a consciously, purposeful, approach to your life.

  • Assisting you and others to build self appreciation and self control!

You’ll learn how to take control of your thinking, which gives you control of your feelings, which raises your self-esteem, immediately.

  • Assisting you and others to be both value-based, and purposeful, by designing your own destiny, consciously and carefully!

You’ll uncover your highest personal values which enables you to understand your past, present and also empowers you to determine your own destiny.

  • Assisting you and others to develop your dreams and become a purposeful planner!

You’ll learn how to uncover your dream job and unique purpose in life which gives you a future-focused direction for your creativity and energy.

  • Assisting you and your spouse, and other couples, to create a stable, committed, loving relationship.

You’ll both learn to appreciate not just similarities, but equally, the differences between you, so you and your partner’s self esteem, self worth and self confidence grows, creating a healthy, balanced, and respectful connection.

  • Assisting you and others to rebuild your relationship with your parents and children!

You’ll learn to understand and appreciate how your parents served you in the past and present, and how your children serve you in the present and future.

  • Assisting you and others to transform your painful relationship with others including sibling, friend, colleague or neighbour!

You’ll uncover how your painful relationships also serve you by enabling you to become stronger and wiser, for your future well being.

  • Assisting you and others to enhance your leadership skills in your role or job!

You’ll identify, and own, your leadership abilities, and be able to take them to those situations which have been challenging, enabling you to grow your leadership skills, and be more prepared for your future.

  • Assisting you and others to improve your profit margins in your organization!

You’ll uncover what is impacting your bottom line and find new ways, using your experience and creativity, to address the challenges, so your organization continues its’ evolution.

  • Assisting you and others to create a healthy balance between your personal life and your work life.

You’ll learn to honour your purpose and highest values by practicing both the actions and thinking, that research shows, are critical to human wellness and longevity.


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