Dealing With Difficult People

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If you are ready to handle the annoying and troublesome people in your life then Dealing with Difficult Peopleis for you. You cannot afford to ignore them any longer. They cost you too much time, energy and money. Learn the 21 ‘tried and true’ tools which makes you an expert on Dealing With Difficult People. Experience the fearlessness coming from knowing you can deal with anyone anytime. Imagine the impact on your self, your dreams and your business. You learn how to take them for A Walk in the Park so both you and they can get on with life.

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Have you notice your mother, father or who ever was your primary guardian believed you can learn to get along with anyone. That is why they let you loose on the world. They had confidence in your ability to learn to deal with contrary, annoying or difficult people.

Also, anyone who has ever has, or who ever will, hire you assumes the same thing. So there are lots of people who already know you can connect with anyone you perceive as contrary, annoying or difficult. I am among those people too!

In business, since everyone is a potential customer, you meet contrary people regularly. So, not just to survive, but to be a viable and successful business person demands you have the skills to be able to deal with all sorts of people. The most challenging are those who “pull your chain” or “push your buttons” because they can cost you time and money.

So the skills you are going to learn and practice in Dealing With Difficult People are vital to making it in any business. You will both learn and practice them. So you will be assigned specific ‘tasks’ to magnify important aspects of the knowledge and skills needed to connect with difficult people. Also remember you will take these skills to every area of your life to enhance all your relationships. Some of the most contrary people I have meet…are my relatives.

Finally, research shows every time we laugh we learn something important. It is the reason humans love humor. Humor is simply looking at a situation from a new or unique perspective. This unique perspective is interesting and adds to our knowledge and skill so we retain it. So humor anchors important learning points. It is a powerful learning tool which will be used periodically.


  1. Introduction
  2. Perspective is Everything With Difficult People
  3. The New Psychology for Dealing With Difficult People
  4. Using Nature’s Laws and Choice Theory™ For Dealing With Difficult People
  5. Adding Self Control And Seven Tools To Deal With Difficult People
  6. The Best Way to Deal With Difficult People is With A Walk In The Park!
  7. Conclusion
  8. References

About the Author

Ken Pierce, a Canadian business psychologist, international speaker and author has worked for thirty-five years in psychology, education and corporate development presiding over Clarendon Consulting, his consulting and counseling company.

Ken holds Senior Faculty status in the William Glasser Institute of Los Angles and the Demartini Research and Education Institute of Houston, Johannesburg and Sydney. He is a certified trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming, DACUM Occupational Analysis and Learning Management. He is a former faculty of both Holland College (Early Childhood Education) and the University of Prince Edward Island (Psychology).

Ken has published widely in the areas of leadership, management, occupational analysis, stress management, learning environments, school yard bullying and a fictional work on prostate cancer, entitled “A Grandfather’s Tale.”

Ken is pursued as an executive coach and seminar facilitator in business, psychology and leadership development across the globe. Further information is available at:

3 reviews for Dealing With Difficult People

  1. Kirk Sallans

    Great book! A very simple system to help deal with ANY people! I read the book in a night and learned the system. By the next day I was getting my kids to do their homework with no arguments! Hallelujah 🙂 Thankyou!

  2. Edna J. Lee

    I love this book! It’s one material that will help people who in one way or another have difficult interpersonal or social relationships with their co-workers.

  3. Peter K Gathenge

    I am here to appreciate the work that you have been straining with especially in your research when writing eBook on “How to deal with difficult people” at large,this to me is especial investment of your gifted talents and comprehension knowledge that is simplified for each and every one to understand the reality of mater pertain our external and internal mechanical defense in our responds that creates judgmental challenges to others without our knowledge when dealing with different challenge in the the world of difficult people. I have learned how difficult am I and how to deal with myself first, before pointing fingers to others. The walk at the park methods has rescued many youths ,who hand been coming to me for counseling. two of them were mess up in their life ,but now things are in order. May God protect you and sustain you in you ministry to continue help wright many books,which will continue speaking and teaching even when you are no more in this wold.THANK YOU.

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