“Financial mastery is closely connected to self esteem…the latter is needed for the former!” –  King Ayles, writer


“… money is simply a tool of exchange for good or services you desire…”

There are seven basic kinds of wealth from a strong spirit to a quick mind to a job you love to a large monetary asset list to real friends to a close family to a healthy body.   Perhaps the most versatile one or perhaps the one we can use to exchange one form of wealth to another, is monetary wealth.

For example, you can use money to motivate your spirit or to create a business opportunity or to bring your family closer for a holiday or to create better health for yourself or even someone else.    An example of this is statistics show financially wealthy people actually live longer than those who are poor.

So, money is one way you exchange your wealth from one form to another form.   If you infatuate or resent money, it will run your life and distort your future…you become its’ slave.   If you see it and use it as a tool, like a hammer or saw for transformation, you will control it and create more of it.

So money is simply a tool of exchange for good or services you desire for some other parts of your life such as your health, family, friends, learning, etc.   So you are constantly using it for these reasons.   Your future is also an important part of your life and so needs to be paid for as well.    In earlier times, you gave people cash in their hand for the goods or services you wanted.    But today, most of these exchanges occur electronically, at the speed of light.

Increasing your wealth for your future can only be achieved by allocating amounts of your income to that purpose.   If you don’t, you can jeopardize your future and actually shorten your life span.   Therefore, the person you always pay first is YOURSELF!

Anyone you owe money to will wait for you to pay them.   They will usually charge you interest while they wait to keep you interested in paying them.   That’s OK because the interest you pay is buying you time with their money.


Learning how to pay yourself first and create wealth is part of the fourth step in The Seven Steps to Success!


“I pay myself first, no matter what!” –  John Demartini, author


Until Next time…

Now you know, to create wealth one thing you need to do is pay yourself before everyone else.   In this way you start building your wealth and evolving your perception of the role of money in your life.

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