A Grandfather’s Tale…


How would you spend your last summer?…

Set off on a literary journey through the penmanship of Kenneth Pierce in:

“A Grandfather’s Tale – Prostate Cancer and P’s Laws of Life!”

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A Grandfather’s Tale – Prostate Cancer and P’s Laws of Life!

Diagnosed with prostate cancer, Jack is anticipating his demise. He is only sixty years of age, yet death does not seem to scare him. But this summer could be his last. Spending it with the people he loves, especially his grandson, may make it worthwhile… or not. Spending it at his favorite place on the planet may also make it worthwhile, … or not?In A Grandfather’s Tale, witness Jack sharing with his grandson, Hunter, his lessons in life. See how they compare to you own.To Jack, Hunter is a little bundle of love and he embraces him with every part of his being.Watch Jack discover how this child helps him appreciate his life even more… just as it is. You will be given an opprotunity to discover how you can:

  • Consider your own life lessons in parallel to Jacks’ and what perspective this gives you on what you have learned through your experiences.
  • Learn, as Jack did, to appreciate you life as it is now through the innocent wisdom of a child.
  • Discover how you can view death with out fear.
  • Appreciate today rather than anticipate with anxiety what tomorrow will bring.

Follow their summer of love and learning as Pierce offers you this timeless, inspiring and heartwarming tale.


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