“Those least religious are often the most spiritual!” –  King Ayles, writer

“I’m a work alcoholic…so that’s my spirituality!”

Spirituality may be the most misunderstood of the seven areas of life.   The quest for spirituality have evolved without your permission.   This is because it has often been confused with religion.   Religion is just an older, more traditional form, from past times when human had less awareness of how nature works.   So, religion is just one form of spirituality, but there are six other forms which often go unnoticed.

As a result many think they are not spiritual or don’t have a spirituality to their lives.  But they do!   It has to be there in some form…they just haven’t be recognizing it, yet.

Your spirituality is actually found in what motivates your spirit the most in your life.

It can be an idea like a deity or a democracy or a .   It could be in the form of learning or getting educated.   It could be in the form of a job or your work.   It could be in saving, spending or managing your wealth.   It could be in devotion to your friends or community.   It might also be a family focus on children, siblings or parents.   And, it could come in the form of health, fitness or longevity.

For example, what we call work-alcoholics are simply people whose spirituality is their job, their business or perhaps their art.    What we call academic mercenaries are simply people who love to learn more and more, their form of spirituality.   And, what we call health or fitness freaks are just people whose spirituality is being fit, healthy or extending their longevity.

When you know your form of your spirituality you also have a clearer ideas about your life purpose because they are closely linked.   It’s been said your form of spirituality is a demonstration of your life purpose.


“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”
– Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, philosopher

Until Next time…

Now you know, everyone has a spirit and so is spiritual.   To uncover your form of spirituality look for your highest value to lead you to it.

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Namaste, (I salute the grandly organized design of the universe, manifested in you!)

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