“I am a genius and I apply my wisdom!” –  John Demartini, author


“… with adequate support any motivated child can learn anything.”

You were born, like every child, with an innate belief in your ability to learn anything…a belief in your own genius.   It was hard wired into your brain to ensure your survival and your contribution to the species.   That’s why, if you ask a  two year old if they can climb Mount Everest, they will usually say, “Yes, of course!” and with remarkable certainty.

We attribute this self confidence in children to naivety.   But actually research shows with adequate support any motivated child can learn anything.   There are few exceptions to this because otherwise, our species would not have achieved the evolutionary success it demonstrates today.   We see evidence of this regularly in the media when people achieve amazing things and when asked how they did it, they often say something like, “I just thought I could and so I did!”

What happened to this innate belief in your own genius?   Well, to survive you had to negotiate with those powerful giants around you.   You needed to follow some rules, doing some things, and not do some other things.   In this learning process, you also picked up some of their beliefs or perceptions about you.

Perhaps it was your were smart or perhaps stupid.   Maybe it was you were responsible or irresponsible.  It might have been your were cute or your were ugly.   And the list continued to grow as you hung around more adults like teachers, coaches and so on.

Research strongly supports the idea, by the time you reached six years of age, you had incorporated many distorted and inaccurate beliefs about yourself and the world from the adults around you.    These beliefs are reflected in your value system which has become your personal criteria of what is good and bad.

These values, especially the top three or four colour unconsciously how you see the world.   They have become your tool box for your future.   These values have become the tools you’ve been using to design your destiny, ever since.

What is perhaps most interesting is that most people, if asked, are not able to list their top 10 values.   Usually, they reference a few of society’s values like honesty, caring or or happiness.   When you know your highest values you then know consciously what is most important to you.   This helps you understand your own past decisions and makes your more decisive henceforth.   Uncovering your values is the second step in The Seven Steps to Success!


“Every child is born believing they can be, do and have anything!” – King Ayles, author


Until Next time…

Now you know, you have a set of values which determine good and bad for you based on your past experiences.   They are your learning tools for your future.   You are hard wired to use your innate genius and your values to determine your own destiny.

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