Truisms 1




Self-talk is a key component of successful individuals who run their own life.
Take the first step in getting control of your life by taking ocntrol of what you say to yourself about yourself.
“What you say to yourself repeatedly, whether true or not, becomes your destiny!” John F. Demartini. Polymath
Truisms are empowering statements that are true about us and everyone else because we share a humanity and the same laws of nature that govern our planet.
These 99 Truisms empower you in the seven areas of life!
These 99 Truisms focus your life purposefully!
These 99 Truisms design your personal destiny!
See your confidence grow in: your spirit, your mind, your career, your finances, your firends, your family, and your health! 
Read these 99 Truisms daily… to align your mind with the divine!
Say these 99 Truisms daily… and watch your gratitude grow!
Voice these 99 Truisms daily…and notice the difference this one difference makes!


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