“Each of us is the transformed particles of the waves of love of our parents…there are no exceptions!” –  King Ayles, writer




“…a collection of people with a common purpose.”

The human family has been called the most efficient human organization.   Your family is a natural system of supports and challenges which ensure each member learns to survive into their future.     It is a delicate, yet strong, system of counter balances which created a stable environment for you and every other member of your family.

Because of its dual nature, every family, including your and mine, is perfectly dysfunctional or dysfunctionally perfect.   The fact that you are alive and functioning establishes this fact, even to this day.   But, it also means you had to pay a cost for the benefit of your survival.

Many people don’t understand this dynamic of families and carry around illusions and delusional thinking about their family of origin.   This is perpetuated by various societal factions and institutions including political, philosophical, theological and educational.

Families come in many forms way beyond the stereotype of two parents and children.   In fact today  an accurate definition of family might be: “a collection of people with a common purpose.”  Each member of your family received the perfect challenges and supports, at every second of their existence, within your family to learn what they need to have a viable future.

Demonstrating to yourself you have had the ideal family for you, because you are able to ponder that question at this moment, requires you to make the decision to allocate the time and resources to prove it to yourself.   When you do, it frees you from the limiting delusion that being part of your family was a mistake.

In point of fact, it was essential for you to be part of your specific family for you to be who you are today, doing what you do and having what you have, today.   Learning how to uncover this information and use it wisely in your future is part of the sixth step in The Seven Steps to Success!


“Every family is nature’s perfect learning environment!” –  King Ayles, author


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Now you know, your family helped you learned what you needed to get to be here today.   Otherwise you might not have survived.   But how does that work?   Finding out can create useful change for your present and future and raise your appreciation of your family as they are today!

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