“Inspired work can only come from inspired people!” –  King Ayles, writer


“It’s like you were meant to do it!”

Think of something you do that when you do it, time seems to disappear, and you forget where you are, because it is so fulfilling to do this specific activity.   It could be part of something else.   It could be your favourite hobby, perhaps.   It could be your regular job.   It could be something you are paid to do or even volunteer to do.

What makes it so special is that activity inspires you…you feel complete like in no other activity.   It’s like you were meant to do it!   This is your dream job!

Like every thing in the universe, you have a special role to play…a special purpose.   When you are purposeful you feel fulfilled.   When you are purposeful you feel grateful for the privilege of doing that activity.   It gives you a certainty about yourself and how you fit in your life and in this universe.   This creates gratitude for your life as it is at that second.

You, me, and everyone else, are constantly seeking this state of appreciation for ourself and our existence.   This is what frees our energy, creativity and genius which ensures you lead an empowered and enlightening life.   This is the foundation for a real life instead of one of quiet desperation and dissatisfaction.

But, to achieve your dream job requires you be willing to spend the time, energy and resources to uncover your special form of fulfilling activity.   It has always been there waiting for you to discover it because you have always been here for a special purpose.   Discovering your dream job is part of the third step in The Seven Steps to Success!



“I do what I love and love what i do!” –  John Demartini, author



Until Next time…


Now you know, you have special work to do on this planet and you can find out what it is if you look carefully.   You can identify it by how you feel when you are doing it.   You have tasted it in the past as part of something else you were doing.   This is the work you need to do consciously in your future to feel fulfilled in your life.   Go uncover it.   It has to be there in the same way you have to be here.


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Namaste, (I salute the grandly organized design of the universe, manifested in you!)

Be well…balanced!     Ken