“I am at the perfect place at the perfect time to meet the perfect people to design my destiny!” –  King Ayles, writer


“Only about 3 to 5 of that 400 are actually close or real friends.”

One research study found you, like most people, interacts on average, within a circle of about 400 people.   As well, most of these people are just acquaintances.   Only about 3 to 5 of the 400 are actually your close or real friends.

There are many way to define what constitutes your close friend.   One way to define a close friend is a person whom you would loan $1,000 with out question, knowing it would be returned to you.   And, this gesture would be reciprocated by the same person.

Another way to define a friend is this is the person you would call at 3 AM to help you if your car broke down.   And, you would do the same for them if they called.   A close friend is almost like a sibling but without the genetic link, instead a genuine, kindred spirit!

Building and maintaining real friendships is both time and energy consuming. Professionally, I have noted people with a successful life, as they define it, usually only have three to five close friendships.

You could probably learn to be close friends with anyone, as evidenced but what happens in isolated, small communities.   But, you will tend to get close to someone who share some key similar, and some key different, values.    This ensure you are ready for your future.

Learning how to build and maintain a small collection of real friends is part of the fifth step in The Seven Steps to Success!


“A friend will respect your telos  but not necessarily understand it!” –  King Ayles, author


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Now you know how to identify your real friends and your acquaintances.  So you can decide consciously with whom you wish to spend your valuable time.  And, now you can also decide how to spend the rest of your valuable time in your journey to success.

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