quoteKen Pierce is a board certified psychologist, who has attended specialized training courses put on by the Demartini Institute over the last 10 years. His evolution as an astute teacher, counselor, writer and coach over the past 40 years brings a unique perspective to organizations and business leaders.

Ken’s energy, curiosity and commitment to learning have catapulted him to the cutting edge in his field. He wisely and creatively finds opportunities in what his clients assumes to be challenges and uses his intellect and heart to empower and influence successful business relations. As an inspired, skilled and purposeful individual he is ideally suited for executive coaching in any organization committed to evolving purposeful leaders!

 “CEO and Founder of the Demartini Institute” author Dr. John F. Demartini


quote“My mind and in particular my thoughts used to be all over the map. My thought processes were cluttered and I searched for truth and peace in my life, doubting that I would ever find it. When I first experienced the Demartini Method™ approach I began a journey of self discovery of challenging how I perceive myself in all my relationships in life both past and present and future ones. I now approach people and situations with new vigor and hope. I live now for the present. Thanks Ken!” – T. B. 


quote“Making the initial phone call to see Ken was difficult and I came close to canceling a number of times before the day arrived. I went into therapy feeling damaged but was soon made to feel that I wasn’t broken and didn’t need to be fixed. He helped me deal with difficult family and work problems. I left my sessions feeling totally exhausted and yet energized at the same time. Basically, Ken helped me look at things with a new perspective. I view everything in a more positive light now. He’s so professional with such a great sense of humor and kindness that you leave feeling so much better than when you arrived!” E.R.


quote“Previously my game plan was … put things off till the situations are ideal and I “FEEL” ready to deal with them. When God asks us to do something and we don’t He has ways of making us accountable. That is exactly what happened to me. Crisis like I’d never experienced before motivated me to seek help for the hurtful events from my past that kept me from moving forward. What I learned from Ken was that I was OK just the way I am and for the first time in my life I felt really good about myself. He showed me my critics were human, just like me. He showed me a “GOOGLE” view of each situation. I now use these methods…and now I am helping others in the same way. I also learned to speak up for myself and be assertive. More importantly I feel good about myself now… Helping others and being content with what we have, makes life rich!” – E.E.


quote“The biggest value from working with Ken is he taught me that no matter what the situation is, it has to balance in the end. I was experiencing a very negative time, due to being off work because of an injury. I couldn’t see any possible positive side to this, I was bitter, mad, frustrated and angry.

Ken made me see that there is a whole other side. I now have new and more skills then before, new friends and relationships and a closer relationship with my family. I also took the step to quit smoking

All of these are positive outcomes that would not have happened had I not fallen and gotten hurt. Ken has made living life more pleasant, comfortable and realistic.” – J. M.


quote“I learned that life is about balance, that there err no mistakers and that all bad things have good and all good things have bad. I have learned to dissolve my illusions about people, places and things. I have learned to appreciate my life as it is now as this is where I am supposed to be to learn what I have to learn.  Thank you so much Ken for giving me a new way to see things and for bringing me back down to earth. I have a new appreciation for myself, my children and my partner. I am sure I’ll be back some day.” J.W.